We, the Management of The Woods Heritage School, express our appreciation that you have decided to entrust us with the responsibility of educating your ward. We shall strive hard to achieve the high standards; we have set, and desire, that the results speak for themselves. It would however not be possible, to do justice to our task, without your favourable cooperation. Keeping that into consideration, we request you to kindly make a note of the important points given below:

  • All students are expected to speak in English in the school campus.
  • Parents are expected to attend all Parent Teacher Meetings. These have been scheduled in the school calendar.
  • Report Card of your ward will be handed over to you personally to enable us inform you about your ward’s progress.
  • In case you wish to meet a teacher or the Principal, on days other than those assigned for the Parent Teacher Meeting, kindly take an appointment from the counsellor.
  • It is desirous that the Homework given to the ward is carefully supervised, to enable him/her cope with the regular routine of the school.
  • Please ensure that your ward comes to school on time and is impeccably dressed before being sent to the school.
  • Your ward is expected to have a minimum of 75% attendance, as per the governing rules of the Board, or else, he/she will not be allowed to take his/her examination.
  • Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than ten consecutive days renders your wards name to be struck off the nominal roll of the school. Readmission for your ward may then be considered as per the governing rules of the institution.
  • The Management will not allow Tiffin boxes to be delivered to your ward, if it has not been brought by him/her prior to the start of school.
  • Parents/ Guardians are not allowed to enter the classes of their wards, for any reasons what so ever. You are requested to approach the counsellor with any problems that may arise.
  • The teaching staff is not allowed to take private tuitions of the students of the school. Please do not approach them with such requests.
  • You are requested to check the diary on a daily basis for all activities of your ward, in relation to that of the school.
  • We expect you to pay the fees of your ward in time, to avoid inconvenience.
  • The school is not responsible for goods or money lost in the school premises. Each student is responsible for his/her belongings. Students are advised not to bring precious items/jewellery to school.
  • Care must be taken of all school property. Any loss or damage to school property accidental or otherwise will be made good by the one responsible for it.
  • You are requested not to approach the Management to take your ward away from the school, during school hours. In cases of emergencies no child is to leave the school without the written permission of the Principal.